How Old Is Pope In Real Life?

In real life, it appears that many of the Outer Banks cast members are the same age as they are on the show. Jonathan Daviss, like his character, has a six-year age difference with him. He is 22 years old in real life, while Pope, the character he portrays, is 16 years old.

Are JB and Sarah dating in real life?

John B and Sarah Cameron are in a real-life relationship! Following the premiere of Outer Banks on Sunday, actor Chase Stokes announced his relationship with co-star Madelyn Cline on social media. Photos from the couple’s beach outing were uploaded on Instagram by the actor, who is 27 years old, with the caption: “cats outta the bag.”

How old is John B and Sarah in real life?

in exchange for a share of the loot When the two of them have spent the entire day together, they realize they have affections for one other and exchange kisses as a result. Sarah and John are both sixteen years old. Cline, on the other hand, is 22 years old.

How old is Rafe in real life?

Rafe Cameron is played by Drew Starkey. Drew is really 27 years old in real life, making him 8 years older than his fictional role.

How Old Is Madison Cline?

Who is Madelyn Cline, and what is her story? The actress was born on December 21, 1997, in Charleston, South Carolina, United States, to parents who were both teachers. Madelyn Cline will be 23 years old in 2020.

Who is John B in real life?

Is the Outer Banks a real area or a fictional one? Whether you believe it or not, the OBX is a genuine place. It’s a series of islands located off the coast of North Carolina that are a popular summertime destination for surfing and relaxing by the beach during the warmer months.

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How old is Drew Starkey?

Rudy Pankow, a 23-year-old actor, plays the role of JJ.

What age is Outer Banks for?

Is the Outer Banks a good place for youngsters to vacation? The Outer Banks is classified TV-MA, which signifies that it is not particularly suitable for families with children. The series does not contain much sexuality (apart from some kissing and non-graphic sexual exploration), but it does have harsh language and violent violence, which earned it the TV-MA classification.

How tall is Pope from OBX?

Daviss, who portrays Pope in the Outer Banks cast, appears to be our third castmate to be a member of the 6 feet and above team, since he stands at a whopping 6 feet, according to the Stars Wiki.

What does JJ from Outer Banks stand for?

Despite the fact that the series has existed on Netflix since its inception, JJ’s full name has never been stated in the series itself. Commenters on Reddit, on the other hand, believe that JJ’s given name is actually John J, but that it was altered to JJ in order to avoid confusion with the other characters John B and Big John.

How old is Julia Antonelli?

The Sarah Cameron lip flip fad, in which females cover their upper lips with eyelash glue, is back… and it’s even better than before. Because of her “bruh-girl” enthusiasm and breezy beachy style, Sarah Cameron has swiftly established herself as one of television’s most coveted characters since the show’s first season premiered in April of 2020.

How much did Madelyn Cline make from Outer Banks?

According to Pop Buzz, Stokes has a net worth of $650,000, making him the second richest cast member of Outer Banks behind the show’s creators. According to Gossip Gist, his ex-girlfriend, Madelyn Cline, has the greatest net worth of any of the cast members, with a net worth of $800,000, according to the site.

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How old is Sarah Cameron?

Sarah Cameron is played by Madelyn Cline in the Outer Banks. She was born in December 1997, making her 23 years old in real life. Her character Sarah is 16 years old, which means she has a seven-year age difference with her.

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