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According to a number of theories there are elements of sacred geometry concealed in the position of various key locations in the Languedoc, and also in various paintings, especially those of Nicholas Poussin.

Various mathematical techniques used in Poussin's paintings - not just the rules of perspective, but the use of ratios such as the golden section or golden ratio.

The bogus "manuscripts" associated with the mysteries of Rennes-le-Château also feature geometric features.

Supposed Sacred geometry in the Languedoc landscape

Beyond this, all attempts at placing locations on significant ley lines, or constructing pentacles on maps, or projecting straight lines in an attempt to match points of intersection with something significant have failed to produce anything of interest whatsoever.

Supposed Sacred geometry in the Languedoc landscape


If you are convinced that there is something in this sacred geometry - then you might be fascinated to know that if you take a map of any scale, and choose any three Languedoc post offices then the key-holes of their front doors will always, to within a millimeter:

  • lie precisely on the circumference of a circle.
  • form the exact vertices of a triangle.
  • correspond to three of the four vertices of a parallelogram.

If you find this astonishing, you should seek immediate help from someone conversant with elementary geometry.

If you do not find this astonishing, then you might ask the obvious question of any example of supposed sacred geometry - namely what is the degree of error (something that should be elementary - so an absence of any mention of it can be taken as the hallmark of a bogus claim).

Supposed Sacred geometry in the Languedoc landscape
notice how inaccurate the correspondences are.

Sacred geometry in the Languedoc landscape

If you want to learn more about these questions from experts like Henry Lincoln, on location in the Languedoc, you might be interested in Templar Quest Tours.


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